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Your path to flaming forward starts with Ignite Change Solutions.
We go beyond cook-cutter policies — to help you evolve and elevate your organization.

Organizations are moving beyond mere initiatives or programs that lack direction. Today, they understand that integrating equitable processes and procedures is essential for fostering an inclusive culture and establishing industry leadership.

Moreover, we want you to feel assured that your organization not only recognizes but also embraces equitable change as the norm for conducting business. This commitment should permeate every department and decision within your organization.

Let's ignite a foundation where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected. We're here to support you every step of the way.



About Ignite Change Solutions


We are a Black-owned, woman-led consultancy practice focused on helping CEOs, leaders, and entire organizations co-create cultures that work for everyone. We aim to help you build a business culture and foundations that strengthen operations, create inclusive people experiences, and generate greater impact and outcomes FOR ALL.

ICS was founded to help CEOs and their organizations make a fundamental change in their operations and practices by embedding equity at its core.

DEI is no longer an "initiative."

An increasing number of organizations desire to ignite sustainable change beyond acronyms and move into action. However, as the landscape evolves, we're recognizing a gap in the process: these initiatives often only impact a small part of the business temporarily, failing to reach the organization's core operations in meaningful ways.

The considerable number of initiatives that fail to produce sustainable outcomes has left teams feeling more disillusioned and frustrated by DEI efforts than encouraged and hopeful.


At ICS, we understand that your journey through the flame isn't simply a list of projects or policies to check off. 

It must be ingrained as a CORE VALUES

a STATE OF BEGIN that organizations can attain

ultimately TRANSFORMING their culture and operations for the better.

Is ICS the Right Partner For Your

We’ve helped numerous organizations adapt to the evolving workplace standards and elevate their culture to become truly inclusive.

rebecca (1).png

We’re the right partner for you if:

Your organization values equity and culture.

You recognize the impact equity can have on the communities you serve.

Your leadership is struggling to shift the culture and implement sustainable practices.

Your past goals and initiatives haven’t made a significant impact, or employees felt they were ineffective.

You face challenges in attracting, recruiting, and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds.

You’ve noticed that your work culture is affecting your bottom line and client experiences.

We've worked with organizations facing these challenges and more. Let ICS help you ignite a transformative change in your culture and impact.


«Ребекка — этохаризматичный лидеркто может общаться и идентифицировать себя с окружающими.

 Ее стиль обучения очень простой, прямой, но без конфронтации, и она хорошо понимает свой материал. Мне всегда нравится проводить время, работая с Ребеккой!»

- Крис Л. Махаевск, президент и главный исполнительный директор YWCA Northwestern Illinois



Ignite your organize with strategy, systems,

operations, culture, and leadership


Сотрудничество способствует переменам. Мы понимаем важность различных точек зрения и приветствуем возможность зажечь органичные отношения, работая вместе.

Данные управляют разговором. Мы ориентированы на результат и предоставляем индивидуальные решения с полным спектром услуг, обеспечивающие разнообразие, равенство и инклюзивность, которые преобразуют организации, предлагая более устойчивую модель, которая поддерживает все уровни организации.

  • Is recognized as a top-notch business that sparks change and makes a difference in the communities it serves.

  • Evolves into an organization with transparent, equitable principles and practices, ensuring everyone feels acknowledged, valued, and respected.

  • Stands out in the market as a welcoming, inclusive environment that draws a diverse group of top-tier talent.

  • Understands how to flame forward with equitable policies and practices to reflect the needs of its people

Meet our founder,
Rebecca Francis, Founder and CEO.

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